What is superfoods? You’re probably asking that question. It’s not a very common term; it’s more of a marketing strategy which claims that some particular food, mostly fruits and vegetables, have supposed health benefits.  In this blog I’m going to the core and finding out which superfoods have which benefits and bust all the myths, be it good or bad, about the rumored super-healing-powers these food items have. I will also be showcasing a different superfood every week and with it share a recipe where the star ingredient is that determined superfood. One of my goals is to inspire and encourage you to eat more vegetables, cereals, fruits, nuts, etc. and see the difference it makes in your body, mood and lifestyle. Let’s find out how to make eating-healthy delicious again with superfoods.

#superfoods #healthy #delicious #recipes #vegetarian #vegan





*I DO NOT intend to replace or substitute a professional’s advice. I’m just sharing my opinion and some facts, but I’m no health professional… yet*


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